Saturday, October 17, 2009

Back to Work...

So, I am the worst blogger in the world and have left the couple of you followers out of the loop. But seeing as my daughter has the swine flu and we are all quarantined for a while, it seems like a good time to update. I have been working off and on for the past few years with a local plumber Chris Dever on a plumbing book that he has been writing and it finally looks like its a go. So, I'll be doing around 20 illustrations plus the front and back cover for the book. I've included the initial sketch for the cover and the first steps of the painting....

When I think plumber, I think water and toilets... the water is obvious and the plunger is my suggestion of a toilet as I felt a toilet on the cover was a bit taboo. All I am after is catching the face of a typical plumber as he sees for the first time the job ahead of him...

I start with some tone. I also polled a few people and added a railing. It filled the negative space well and adds to the believability of a front door. The coloring of the face needs work but, I am off...


  1. Cool, man! Hey I found that video of pipe pirahna stuff I shot for Deaver thirty years ago... I need to give it to him.

  2. ... and I hope Lainey gets feeling better! And you, don't get the heinous swine flu!

  3. Lainey has swine flu!? I'm so sorry, you guys. Is there anything we can do?

  4. Thanks for your caring and kindness for our plight!!! I feel as though at any minute that white vans will pull up and guys in hazmat suits will unload that tent that they put over Elliot's house in E.T. Where do you phone when you already are home???